LOGES is an Italian acronym for a system of tactile paving for the visually impaired (Linea di Orientamento, Guida E Sicurezza - which literally means a line of orientation, guidance and safety). This system is a coded language in which special profiles (truncated domes or “blisters” and rods) on floors and pavements can be detected by the blind and partially sighted in various ways: underfoot (the tactile sense), by sensing a change in level (the kinesthetic sense) or by following them with a long white cane.
The LOGES system consists of major profiles (or “first-level codes”) i.e. the Go Straight and the Stop! Hazard profiles. Other profiles, known as “second-level codes”, are used to inform people of special situations, such as the presence of a traffic light, a tactile map, a telephone, an amenity or the need to pay special care, such as steps. These Caution/Amenity profiles cut across the pavement or floor. Other second-level profiles indicate changes in direction, such as the Turn the Corner and Intersection profiles.
By combining the Caution/Amenity codes with the Stop! Hazard codes, one can warn people of an Obstacle Hazard, i.e. the visually impaired should only continue with the help of a fully sighted individual. 
Colour contrasts or “luminance” (special differences in colour) assist the partially sighted, can sense such changes in colour and so stay on the right path. This luminance is achieved by ensuring a sharp difference between the tactile paving and the normal surface.
Tactile paving helps remove architectural barriers and is particularly useful in public places posing a risk to personal safety or where there are no natural guides, as well as providing detailed information to allow people to choose which path to follow in order to reach a specific amenity within a structure.
Tactile paving is particularly common in railway stations and subways, airports, bus and tram stops, city pavements (with particular emphasis on road crossings) and wherever they can increase the autonomy of the visually impaired.
Tactile paving uses rigid materials and modular units of a suitable thickness and colour to ensure the correct level of luminance.
Giulioli Pavimenti produces modular elements in vibro-compressed concrete. These come in two thicknesses: 3.2 cm for mortaring or gluing and 5.5 cm for interlocking paving.
Giulioli Pavimenti also produces solid 1.35 cm thick ceramic stone tiles. Different thicknesses can be produced to order depending on the quantity required.

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