External paving

During production the paving products in the collections marked with this symbol  are treated with special anti-stain impregnating agents.

Massello Etrusco – Concrete paving blocks
Massello Etrusco
Paving blocks for external pathways, driveways and roads
Le Pietre – External paving flags
Le Pietre
For courtyards, verandas, driveways, squares and pavements.
Impregnated product
Lastre Sabbiate – Stone-chip external paving flags
Lastre Sabbiate
For terraces, porticoes, courtyards, drives, pavements and car-parks

Graniti Sabbiati – Stone-chip external paving flags
Graniti Sabbiati
For swimming-pool areas, porticoes, courtyards, pavements, driveways and terraces
Simil Porfido - Stone-chip external paving flags
Simil Porfido
For pavements, driveways, car-parks, terraces, porticoes and courtyards
Ghiaie Lavate – Garden paving tiles
Ghiaie Lavate
For gardens, driveways, porticoes, pavements, terraces and all external areas

Mattoncino - Cement road paving flags
For terraces, pavements, porticoes, courtyards, driveways and car-parks
Ventaglio/Curva - Cement road paving slabs
For pavements, driveways, car-parks, terraces, porticoes and courtyards
Pietrino/Rampe – Cement paving tiles
Pietrino / Rampe
For car-parks, courtyards, pavements, porticoes, driveways and terraces

Technical area - External paving
Technical Area
Treatment and tips
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